for flute, violin, and interactive computer


for flute, violin, and interactive computer

Interact (2013) and React (2014) are flexible, indeterminate works for flute, violin, and computer. Both works include complete scores, but instruct performers to be creative with many compositional aspects such as dynamics, rhythms, pitches, and pacing. In Interact, a computer performer exclusively uses live processing of the instrumentalists’ microphone feeds as his acoustic material for interacting with the performers in real time. In React, a computer performer is replaced by a computer program made up of algorithms containing tightly controlled ranges of randomness. By storing the instrumentalists’ microphone feeds in buffers, the computer program is able to process live material for both instantaneous and delayed transmission using various audio processing techniques.

Interact and React were commissioned by Francesca Arnone (flute) and Mikylah McTeer (violin) as part of the Big XII Faculty Fellowship they were awarded. Here is an article outlining more details about their project.


Both works ave been published by Parma on a CD name REACT.


Francesca Arnone (flute)

Mikylah McTeer (violin)

Ben Johansen (computer)


Stephen Bolech (recording engineer)



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